What is a Pre-Listing Agreement?

      A pre-listing inspection is a home inspection for you, the homeowner, rather than the potential buyer. The job of the home inspector remains the same, but the perspective changes. All typical requirements of a home inspection are carried out, except the homeowner takes an active role in the process from the start. All of which allows the homeowner to take control of the action before the house is even placed on the market.

Why a Pre-Listing Inspection?

      There are many benefits to this alternative method of the real estate transaction. As stated previously, a pre-listing inspection allows the seller to take control of the process.  Upon arrival our focus is to inform, and educate the homeowner on not only their home, but also the mindset of a potential homebuyer. As a licensed home inspector for over 25 years, our understanding of what is important to the client is crucial. With a pre-listing inspection, that expertise is shared with you. This allows you to better understand what typical homebuyers are thinking, and sets you up for success.

      A pre-listing inspection uncovers potential, as well as existing defects that could possibly slow down or hinder the sale of your house. This allows you the opportunity to address and fix any issues, before they become problems. Conversely, it allows you to be upfront with the potential buyer about defects you would like them to address themselves.

      Full disclosure to the potential buyer will not only put your mind at ease, but also sets a positive and factual tone when presented to the potential buyer. Presenting the findings of a home inspection up front minimizes the ability of the buyer to make demands. It also will create the most accurate listing price of your property.

      Pre-listing inspections are trending, and may become the preferred method of real estate transactions in the future. In today’s busy world, time is a luxury. A pre listing inspection allows the seller to take control of the timeline. You decide when you want the inspection. And, you decide how long to take to resolve any issues found during the inspection; streamline the sales and marketing process, shorten negotiations, and spend that time enjoying your home.

      Don’t trust their inspector; take control of the situation with a reputable, long lasting, family business.  Don’t guess; call the best.