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4 Steps To Improving Your Social Media Presence

Everyone by now may have already heard about the statement social media or social media marketing, but a lot of small business owners still don’t know how to utilize it. The phenomenon of social networking such as Facebook, Linkedin, twitter etc has gradually evolved to include more than just friends, families, college friends or even teenagers. It has also changed the way entrepreneurs do business.

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My exposure with Social Media started in 2006 while helping a friend with projects in creating short films and blogs. Within a year the project produced a huge success, and with over 9 million viewers, we eventually ended up in New York Times, USA Today and many other established publications. We have indeed created our own brand.

I was really amazed by all this because most of the promotions we’re done for free and by raving fans. I realized the potential that Social Media plays. This allowed me to focus more on social media marketing techniques. It took me a while to learn from my mistakes but it also gave me intangible rewards along the way. The knowledge and experience gave me the opportunity to consult with many non-profit organizations, small businesses, and online education groups, and help them use Social Media and online marketing so they can find ways to expand, promote and advance their businesses for free or with more affordable prices than traditional marketing.

You might be wondering what could be the probable secrets behind our success! The truth is, there’s none. Our success as a brand was just a perfect integration of common sense and simple strategic techniques. This seamless combination made me expand my consulting services to a lot of business owners in different industries. Let me share with you the four simple steps that will increase the presence of your business in the social media radar. Whether you want to promote a personal or a business brand, following these simple steps will definitely help you go further:

1. Consistency Is The Key

You must be consistent. Whether you are providing related or valuable contents, posting videos, updating your blogs,or sharing industry breakthroughs, you need to have a constant stream. If you have chosen to do it every week, then make sure you stick to it. Most of your content should be valuable resources that can either solve problems, or give fresh or new updates.

2. Offer Help Without Expecting Anything In Return.

This could be anything from sharing some tips based on your niche to provide solution, offering advice, or sharing resources. Do whatever you can to help others reach their goals. At the same time, try to spread your connections be recommending them to people you trust and who might be able to help.

3. Listen, Respond & Engage.

Yes, this is something most businesses don’t understand. You have to pay attention to their feedback and concerns. Of course you can fulfill all their demands but it’s the listening part that will set you apart from the rest of the folks out there. Remember, engaging is the main key in social media.

4. Build Solid Relationships.

You have to look at your brand or your business in a long term perspective. Building a channel of loyal fans to your brand or product will keep your business growing. It might take a while at first but this fan base can turn into the best investment in the long run. Exerting time and effort in expanding the people who support and patronize your brand will reap lasting results in the future. When you stay connected and you follow through, you’ll see results in no time.


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Posted in Home Improvement Post Date 10/19/2022






Family Owned
and Operated since 1993

Family Owned
and Operated since 1993

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I used J Serino Inspections and recommend him highly. Joe, is a thorough inspector that pays great attention to the smallest details. If you need a home inspection use J Serino, you won't be disappointed.
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Joe did a a fantastic job inspecting my home and made sure that I knew everything on the report before he left. I feel far more comfortable moving forward now that he has done the inspection and I received my recommendations.
Alex T.
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