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over 10,000 inspections since 1993

family owned and operated

Family owned and operated since 1993

Knowledgeable Home Inspector Experts

Over 10,000 property inspections since 1993. Undergraduate studies ranging from engineering to biology and graduate studies in critical thinking. Raised in a family of builders...grandfather was a master builder. I have two national certifications and licenses and am authorized by my Board to train inspectors. Andrew was trained as my apprentice for 2,000 inspections before passing his license exam. 

We Notice the Little Things

We do detailed visual structural analysis of the foundation and support frame, the water management and impact of adverse conditions. We identify the issues and outline the remedies. 

We do a visual environmental and note conditions that cause mold, dry rot and fungus. We do an insured wood destroying insect inspection as part of the structural. We are licensed to do radon gas testing. One stop for comprehensive solutions. 

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

Since 1993 we've been saying "We will inspect your property as if we were buying it ourselves". 

From historical buildings of the 17th C to oceanfront mansions to condos to entire apartment complexes, we have inspected them all.


Stay in touch! Although your inspection report will serve you as a guide for pertinent information and maintenance tips, I can often help direct you to the right answer to a question you may have.

Mechanical Systems

Structural inspections

We have inspected buildings from as early as 1635 made of field stone, to brick, hollow block, structural clay tiles, cast concrete and precast high tensile concrete. We will know if there are significant structural defects and conditions and guide you to the proper resources.  

Mechanical Systems

We operate and test all readily accessible systems and use digital testing meters such as a single gas CO meter. We identify deficiencies in output, supply and return systems, electrical and plumbing systems. We identify evidence of prior buried oil tanks, old galvanized and lead water lines and knob & tube wiring.

Wood Destroying Insects and Radon gas

We identify the conditions that are conducive to wood destroying insects and the damage they do and issue an insured certification. We will also identify entry of pests such as mice and squirrels. 

Radon gas testing is offered to determine the presence of high levels of radon gas in the home.


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