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The Book Thief

I quickly got to grips with the setting and general plot of the film, and I found the lead character, Liesel, to be both a charming and curious young girl. She witnesses her younger brothers death and is taken away from her fugitive mother all before the film has really begun to tell it’s story.

The tale follows Liesel as she settles in to life with her new parents, and with the help of her playful and devoted adoptive father, Hans, played by Geoffrey Rush, she learns to read. Her new passion for reading is what takes us into the real meaning behind the storys title. Aghast at the Nazi display of burning the books, determined Liesel steals one of the remaining books and smuggles it home.

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The film tends to flit between seemingly idyllic scenes of children tumbling around and playing in the snow, with some haphazard realistic scenes in which Jewish families are dragged from their homes, beaten and a real sense of the Nazi regime unfolds. Often, times of hardship are followed by a slightly sickly-sweet scene of homeliness, friendship and an air of everything-turns-out-alright.

The film does manage to engage many themes however as childhood, loss and romance are all touched upon with sensitivity and ease. The narration over the story only adds to the sense of story as the ambiguous voice echoes the constant watch that the inhabitants of Liesels town we’re under.

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Family Owned
and Operated since 1993

Family Owned
and Operated since 1993

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I used J Serino Inspections and recommend him highly. Joe, is a thorough inspector that pays great attention to the smallest details. If you need a home inspection use J Serino, you won't be disappointed.
Jeff Lopez Performances
Business Owner
Joe did a a fantastic job inspecting my home and made sure that I knew everything on the report before he left. I feel far more comfortable moving forward now that he has done the inspection and I received my recommendations.
Alex T.
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